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E-commerce Website Development Company
UI/UX Development & Design

We add more meaning and weight to your digital solutions by helping you build an engaging product easily and quickly with immaculate design. Great UX improves conversion rate, creates a competitive advantage for your software over others and drives revenue for your business. That’s why the improvement of user experience is one of the most important tasks for our UX/UI development team.


We know how end-users interact with your app or website and how to create an easy-to-use user interface that offers an enjoyable experience for your target audience. This participatory mindset, coupled with our open communication approach, is how we maintain our status as one of the top UI and UX design and development services. We will ensure that we build an engaging product easily and quickly.

Key UI/UX Solutions We Focus On
Your key message will need to be delivered the right, in the best spot and at the optimal time. Before our team starts designing your solution, we create wireframes/sketches of how each page of your system will look. We’ll then share the initial wireframes representing the proposed data structure and key UI features with you.  Our team will further ensure that all the workflows and navigation options are powered up to the maximum usability. 
Your website interface is one of the first impressions that your users will get of your business and you want to make sure its a lasting one.  We at Alofa design robust, feature-rich, cost effective, SEO friendly & easy-to-user websites to ensure your users get the best impression of your business to drive revenue for your business. We will help your online business flourish with success by helping you establish a powerful online presence, providing an effective online tool for brand promotions and displaying your products and services in a captivating format.
Drive exponential customer engagement by developing unique enterprise mobile applications with interactive user interfaces, user experience & visual designs. We don’t just create mobile apps, we also wrap it in a sleek, responsive and user-friendly design. Our design competencies have ensured success of our mobile app solutions and they still help us please our customers.
Key Solutions we focus in E-commerce website development

What You Get By Choosing Alofa


Analysis & Research

We first dedicate our time to understand our client and details of the solution. We make sure we understand your requirements by discussing your backstory, the idea behind the product, basic features of the product, target audience and desired results. We’ll also conduct thorough market research and competitors and gather all possible information about your solution.

Wireframes & Prototype

Based on our findings, we will create wirframes of each page of the solution and will be presented to our client in a form of a prototype. The client then gives their feedback as to what they like on the wireframes and what they want changed. One or two designs will then be created to demonstrate app’s UI and functionality

User Interface Design

Now we design the actual UI. We create the user interface based on the prototypes approved by the client. We draw screens and create animated prototypes to mimic user interactions and demonstrate the app’s logic. This way, our client can test the interface before the actual app or website is developed.

Brand Identity and Delivery

At the very end, we provide the finalized and approved UI to the client by uploading the content to a sharable folder for further collaboration with developers. When handing over, we prepare and provide guidelines for how to use elements for brand identity in official documents and printed materials.

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