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Software Testing & QA

Quality is the most important aspect of any software. Whether it’s a website, mobile app or a web application, even a tiny defect can have a huge impact on your product. We understand how important it is to invest in the quality of your final product before production. Why? Fixing bugs post-product can cost you a lot more compared to when defects are found during the design stage.

Alofa team of Quality Assurance engineers have expertise and experience in various testing software and technologies and who are proficient in both Best Automation Testing and Manual Services. We have strategically defined the best practice into structuring a testing methodology to ensure we deliver cost-effective, bug free solutions. Minimize the project risks with our cost-efficient Software Testing Services in Sweden adhere to the industry best standards.

Key Solutions We Focus On

Eliminate human factor errors and let our team execute automated tests and compare actual outcomes to predicted outcomes using special testing software such as Selenium, JMeter and Appium. Our test automation services execute five times faster than manual testing and this allows us to minimize the amount of routine work, and thus simplifying the testing process.

Our QA team will help in ensuring the following in Automation testing

  • Increase the efficiency & effectiveness of the application
  • Reduce costs
  • Minimize Manual Intervention
  • Improve user interactions
  • Maximize software flexibility

The number of mobile users are constantly growing and as a result, the number of different mobile devices and platforms increases in parallel. Our experts will help you deliver a mobile application that’s compatible with your target market’s needs and challenges. We’ll help you increase your earnings and extend your customer reach with a high-quality and secure mobile experience.

Our QA team will help in ensuring the following in Mobile application testing

  • Identify issues ahead of customer
  • Quickest time to market
  • Application security
  • Increase user satisfaction
  • Increase application speed

Gain the competitive edge your business needs to deliver high-quality web solutions across multiple channels. Our team will help you optimize your web application, ensure its flawless performance and make it ready for production. We’ll provide a fast and stable application that ensures high retention rates and boosts user satisfaction.

Our QA team will help in ensuring the following in Web application testing

  • Accelerate software performance
  • Increase user interaction
  • Create faultless web applications
  • Ensure multi-platform coverage
  • Boost user acceptance
Functional testing is conducted to define how a component or system meets the functional requirements specified in the requirement document. Alofa Business Analyst communicates with the client and defines the requirements at the start of the project and our QA engineers conduct functional testing to ensure the end product meet the requirements defined. This type of testing can be done on all testing levels including integration, component, system and acceptance testing.

We conduct UI testing to check if a product’s graphical user interface meets the specifications and approved design. It’s very important for attractive and retaining users that your product has a clean and beautiful graphical user interface. We look at elements such as layouts, fonts, colors, font sizes, buttons, links, icons and other UI components to ensure they conform to UI mockups, visual prototypes, corporate guidelines and user expectations.

Our QA team will help in ensuring the following in UI testing

  • Style consistency across all pages
  • Spelling and grammar
  • UI adaptability to different device screens and resolutions
  • Appropriate use of colors, backgrounds and fonts
  • Image clarity and contrast
  • Correct operation in portrait and landscape mode

With cyber space becoming more and more vulnerable to attacks, security is something that cannot be taken for granted. In order to develop secure applications, our QA team will help you review your IT assets and protect them against cyber security threats. We will discover and fix all vulnerabilities to main the functionality of your application and protect your information from unauthorized access or fraud.

Key Solutions we focus in E-commerce website development

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Understanding Requirements

Specifying requirements is crucial to successful outcomes. This is why our Business Analyst put in a significant amount of time to understand the requirements and document them in a detailed method. Our QA specialists validate the documented requirements before development process begins.

Test Planning & Design

Once the requirements are finalized and validated, we define the test environment, types of testing, and criteria for the start and end of testing. By coming up with a comprehensive testing strategy, it allows us to integrate quality assurance into your delivery process seamlessly.

Environment Set up for Testing

We strive to improve and innovate your quality assurance infrastructure according to your project goals and priorities. During this stage, our QA team ensure that the testing environment is ready which include test devices, operating system versions, and apps that are involved in the testing process

Test Execution & reporting

Based on the requirements documented at the first stage, we begin testing based on the testing type. After each two weeks sprint, we present builds to our clients along with release notes showing our progress and provide the client with comprehensive reports on the testing results at the end of the development process.

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