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E-commerce Website Development Company

E-commerce Website Development

E-commerce industry has been booming over the last couple of years and every business needs to stay ahead of the curve in order to compete with the best. Thus, your online store needs to be professional and A-grade quality. Being a leading E-commerce website development company in Sri Lanka, We are experts at doing just that! Coupled with our experience, latest technologies and exceptional User interface designs, we develop the industry best E-commerce websites for our clients to stand out from their competitors. Most importantly, build a profitable business.

When you partner with us to develop your E-commerce website solution, our years of experience are just a starting point. We apply in-depth, problem solving approach to ensure we know your brand and what gets your customers excited to shop. So that we can design the best website to guide them through the checkout process. We don’t just check boxes to deliver a digital storefront. Rather we help you create experiences that drive your brand forward

Key Solutions we focus in E-commerce Website Development

At Alofa, we have years of experience in delivering customized B2B solutions to unite all the trading stakeholders. Including suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and their subsidiaries within a centralize hub. However, developing a platform where multiple user roles are involved require experience as there are many factors involved. Also, it’s of paramount importance that we earn the customer trust at the same time. After all, buyers are people of action and we have to keep them engaged on the website to drive sales.

We understand these factors and that’s why our solutions are developed to cater to these needs. We think over each customer step and lay a strong foundation for a long standing relationship with your buyers. Moreover, we help businesses establish and manage a secure multi-channel global trade, create competitive public offering and cooperate with traders from all over the world.

Hire our expert engineers to provide you with feature-rich, exclusive, multi lingual and multiple currency website for your customers. Whether you are an existing business with a website which needs revamping or an SME looking to develop an E-commerce website. Regardless, we will help you in developing the most eccentric website with cutting-edge technology and a captivating UI. Also, we allow you to manage your products in an optimal manner while allowing your customers to access the most comprehensive set of needed services.  All delivered on a single portal!

SEO-friendly design helps you increase online visibility and allow your products to be found organically through search engines. With optimized content on a well-organized site will help deliver more qualified visitors while helping you rank for key phrases. Therefore, we conduct both On-page SEO and Off-page SEO to ensure that your website appear in more searches. Which in turn will generate more revenue for your business.

Key Solutions we focus in E-commerce website development

Our Key Technologies


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What You Get By Choosing Alofa

Business Analysis and Consultation

Our BA's begin by learning the ins and outs of your needs and goals for the project. We then conduct market research to identify the target audience and analyze your competitors. Finally, we create a backlog of all the features needed to develop the Minimum viable product. We also document all the requirements in detail using user stories.

Project Management Process

We follow the agile development methodology in E-commerce website development. To ensure the development process runs smoothly, we assign a project manager to oversee the project. He will make sure the deadlines are met, resources are maximized, unplanned costs are avoided and the quality of the product is observed.

UI Design & prototyping

In the booming E-commerce industry, you need to provide a great user experience for your customers to keep them engaged with your website. This is why we at Alofa, put in extra effort to create the best User Interface for your customers. So your customers will have the best experience shopping with you.

Front-end Development

When the user first visits your website, their first impression should be a lasting one. Regardless of whether they are viewing the site from their laptop or mobile device, the site should render perfectly. Our E-commerce solutions are always one-of-a kind, custom layout web designs which will not only work perfectly across multiple devices but will also provide a great shopping experience for your customers.

Back-end Development

This is where all the magic happens in your website. It’s essential that your web solutions has a strong back end that’s fully stable to function as required. Let our architects design and build the core of your web application with the flexibility to accommodate future growth. Also, we accommodate easy integration with other third party services and provide exceptional security features to protect your data, users and processes.

QA and Software Testing

Quality for us is the most important aspect of any project. Using the requirements documents our BA’s create, our QA engineers create test cases to test every scenario of your website. Our engineers are involved in the project from initiation, execution until the final testing at the release and deployment stages. Turn to our experts to perform comprehensive, multi-stage testing to make sure your website runs smoothly across all platforms.

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