Property rental just became easy

Property rental management website

There are number of property owners who are looking to advertise their property for potential tenants to rent out. Now you can set up our system and allow property owners to post information about their property for customers to view details on and make a booking for a specific time period. It's easy, It's fast and it's reliable. User wont have to go through advertisements on newspapers turning page by page trying to find a suitable property. All they have to do now is check into your property management website and make their bookings. Check out what's included.

Tenant/guest features

Users will now have easy access to thousands to properties to choose from. Our system will guide users to find the most suitable property based on their options. We have a number of features available in our system and some of the most important features are listed below. 

View property list

View property details

Search/filter property

View by map

Send booking request

Real-time chat capability

View availabilities

E-mail subscription

Online payments

Property owner features

Property owners will now be able to publish details of their property on your system and make their online presence known. They will be able to add all the details about their property and let customers make bookings directly through the website. 

Owner sign in and sign up

Alert Notifications

Add & manage property details

Manage account details

Manage bookings

View reviews

Manage discounts/special offers

Manage chat requests

View bookings calendar

Admin user features

You will be able to manage everything from your very own admin panel. You will have total control over the platform and will be able to customize everything and review all the property added before publishing it on your website. 

Admin login

Admin Dashboard

Manage users

Manage bookings

Approve or reject property

Manage property categories

Manage transaction history

Account settings

Manage website content

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